Artist Statement

Meditate to create
Meditate to create

Why paint?

My goal as an artist is to offer the observer a glimpse of what lies beyond everyday reality. When my painting makes someone's expression light up, reflecting a growing joy from within, I know I'm coming closer to my goal as an artist or shall I say as a human being.


Listening Phase

In order to infuse my paintings with these spiritual qualities, I have to listen very carefully to the natural source, the creative flow. I have to put aside all rational thought and immerse myself completely in what could be called Spirit or the Universe, that inner wellspring of wonder. I then enter a state beautifully described by the poet William Blake: "I myself do nothing. The Holy Spirit accomplishes all through me."


Incubation Period

The incubation period required for any type of creative pursuit is by far the most difficult.  During this stage, I rely extensively on dream journeys, inner suggestions, visualizations and even ancient Chinese arts such as Qi Cong to enhance my creativity. From numerous sketches and color studies a direction starts to emerge, almost with its own energy. Sometimes astonished, upset, or intrigued, I follow this path: the way of creativity, which speaks a language unto itself.


Action Phase

Then the long-awaited moment arrives: brushes gliding on paper washed by waves of color, issuing nuance and texture. Here again, I turn inward for guidance in gesture or choice of color, respecting the delicate balance between action and accident.


Sometimes when the painting is finished, I feel I have given everything, said everything. Then, little by little the creative current returns, and with it the urge to paint... again.

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